Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Day of Bhavayami Music and Dance Festival 2013

Snaps from Firstday’s BHAVAYAMI ,the enchanting Mohiniyattam Festival held in Tanjavoor Ammaveedu, West Fort, Thiruvananthapuram, organized by NAADAvidyaaLAYAM an initiative of Sangeethagurukulam. 12 dancers from different part of India(include Mumbai and abroad like France )performed 20 minutes concerts. Thanks for all dancers those participated with true spirit. These photos are by Pappan Neelamana ,my friend and relative. I invited Pappan Neelamana as the official photographer of Bhavayami Festival. these are only some shots and the huge good photos are yet to be posted . Thanks for his magical shots. 

Presenting the opening item Bhavayami Raghuramam by Priya Sankar and Gopika J

Parvathy K A ,a disciple of Jayaprabha Menon
Narthaki Gopika Varma giving a talk on Swathithirunal and his Compositions 

Rekha Raju 

Enchantress !! Neelima Ankarath,a disciple of Gopika Varma

Kadambari Khase from Mumbai, a disciple of Kanak Rele

Lakshmi Raveendran,from France

Krishna Nayak Niddodi from Mumbai

The ambience of Tanjavur Ammaveedu

Ambili Menon, a disciple of Gopika Varma

Deepa Rao

Sangeetha Iyer

Uvika Aravind,a disciple of Sunanda Nair

A look to the Second Day of BHAVAYAMI Music and Dance Festival 2013

The second day ,December 15th of the enchanting Music and Dance Festival 'Bhavayami' organized in Tanchavoor Ammaveedu ,Thiruvananthapuram by NADAvidyaLAYAm ,an initiative of Sangeethagurukulam was a union of young and senior artists. The Swathi Sangeethaaraadhana by young musicians like Saranya Mangal,Sithara Vaikuntapathy, Syamakrishnan(Veena),Viswesh Swaminathan, Krishna ranjini,Udupi Srinath,Harikrishnan P L ,Abhilash Venkitachalam, ragaratnam Mahadevan and also other musicians like Sudheer Kakkat , T.k. Manilal ,Sharmila and Shanthala and myself ,Ajit Namboothiri were presented Swathithirunal compositions in his great memory. On Violin Udupi Sreejith, Viswesh Swaminathan , Swetha Anandasivan and on Mridangam Sri.Changanassery Jayan,Sri. Hariharan,Sri.Syamakrishnan and sri.Bombay K B Ganesh and Aneesh Kuttamperoor and on Kanjira sri.Kadanad G Ananthakrishnan were given wonderful accompanying for the Aradhana section.
Through this festival another thing is proved that we have a group of Tomorrow's Musicians in Vocal,Vioiln,Veena, Mridangam and Kanjira is coming out vibrantly. The togetherness of these young musicians will spread Keralam's name in the world! No one can beat them and stop! A brilliant group of Lakshya-Lakshna jnana Vidvans and Vidushis are on the stage! Thiruvananthapuram will be a signature of Kerala's musical union. Youngsters are very energetic and confident!!
At 5.45 pm we had a great opportunity to do Guruvandanam to MahaVidushi Parassala B Ponnammal. After the session Vidushi Parassala Ponnammal had given an unforgetable concert. On violin sri.Edappaly Ajit, on Mridangam sri.Palakkad Maheshkumar and on Ghatam sri. Udupi Sridhar given a wonderful performance. Our humble thanks to all behind Nadavidyalayam especially Kamal Pazhavoor,Sree Kumar K Neelamana ,Saaju ,Kameswara Sharma ,Manilal,Shalma, and our official photographer Pappan Neelamana and Media friends, the authorities of Tanchaavoor Ammaveedu, SRi.Rajesh,who was behind the Sound and lights(his support was undoubtedly great!). We must thanks all Dance artists and Musicians for their immense support and kindness to us. Thanks.

Friday, November 29, 2013

BHAVAYAMI Music and Dance Festival 2013


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