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Sangeethagurukulam is a Non-Profit organization Registered under Indian Trust Acts at Thiruvananthapuram founded by Ajit Namboothiri and officially inaugurated by Sadguru Sri.Neyveli R Santhanagopalan,an acclaimed Guru and Musician . It is primarly intended to do a good service in preserving and propogating traditions and traditional values of defferent genres of Indian music and culture and to create awareness of theancient and modern literature, in the context of changing cultural attitudes.
As part of our efforts to maximise the reach of Indian classical music among Keralites, we have released books in Malayalam.
At present the activities are focused on training, arranginglecture demonstrations, publications, concerts, etc.

NAADAvidyaaLAYAM Sangeetha satsangam, the new venture from Sangeethagurukulam, has been conceived by Ajith Namboothiri. It isa thematically presented monthly musicalevent that takes place on the second Saturday of every month atThiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
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The programme consists of a music concert by asenior musician and guru, followed by a focused musical interaction between themusician and the audience of committed Indian classical music enthusiasts.

We have a publishing house and a collection of recordings of Indian music concerts and books on Indian music. We have published a series of books in Malayalam, titled Sangeethasagaram prepared by AJIT NAMBOOTHIRI. These books are sold along with a CD which gives a practical demonstration of the contents and concepts that the books deal with.

Published titles
  1. Sreshtasangeetham an introduction to Indian music
  2. Ragam Mohanam on the enchanting raga mohanam
  3. Swarasagaram a journey through the wonder world of saptaswaras
  4. Ragam Sankarabharanam on the great sankarabharana raga
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