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We offer Online Carnatic Music Lessons for the students from India,USA, UK and MORE. We accept students of all levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

  • Sangeethagurukulam for perfecting one's knowledge in Carnatic vocal Music. 
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Ajith Namboothiri is first and foremost a music enthusiast.  He is also a trained musician, a music Guru, event organizer and publisher. His television experience of more than 15 years includes the roles of anchor, scriptwriter, producer, and programme conceptualizer. His concepts and programmes on television include: Ragarathnam, the sensational, first-of-its-kind classical music reality show on Amritha TV;  Sruthilayam, a concert format show on Indian classical music; and Laasyam, a Mohiniyattam-based dance reality show on Amrita TV.  Ajith Namboothiri’s initiatives in the realm of music include SangeethaGurukulam, and NAADAvidyaaLAYAM  Sangeetha Satsangam, NAADAvidyaLAYAM ,a facebook group for Indian music
Maramanan ... in raga Hindolam is a melodius composition by the great Carnatic composer Papanasam Sivan sung by Ajit Namboothiri
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Chandrachooda ... in Raga darbari or Darbari kanada is a great composition by Karnataka sangita Pitamaha Prandaradasar sung by Ajit Namboothiri
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Excerpts from the Demonstration audio Cd of the book Ragam Sankarabharanam prepared by Ajit Namboothiri
 Enna thavam.. in  raga kapi is a beautiful gem by the great carnatic composer   Papanasam Sivan rendered by Ajit Namboothiri, telecasted on SURYA TV
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directed and presented by Ajit namboothiri,telecast on AMRITA TV on monday to friday at 8.30am and repeat on next day at 5.30am. watch Srutilayam promo