Who said it is difficult to appreciate and understand 
classical music?

bringing classical music closer to your heart

Here comes Sangeethasagaram, a series, first time in Malayalam intended to bring one closer to our classical music.  Music is for all. So everybody should know how to appreciate it. The present attempt is the first step to achieve the goal. Classical music stands detached only because people are not aware of the means of appreciating it. Sangeethsagaram series conceived to familiarize Indian classical music step by step to the laymen and the beginners.
May be that this can throw light on new aspects of basic essentials which have missed one's’mind. The deliberations do not relate to classical music aspects alone. One will find all traditional music forms like Classical (Hindustani, Carnatic), Music in kathakali, drama, folk, film, devotional etc.
This is a series of books. The volumes will be on Carnatic music, Sruti, Thalam, Sapthaswaras, Ragas, Musical instruments, Compositions, Composers etc
For those who buy the volumes, it will be a valued possession to preserve.
          Ajith Namboothiri, the author is inspired by the popularity of RAGOTSAVAM, the well accepted music programme telecast in KAIRALI TV, the Malayalam channel, and admiration expressed by viewers and also personal interactions. He has been associated with the programme as researcher, a presenter, and episode director. He was also the script writer of 'SWARASAGARAM',a series on Indian music,broadcast In AllI ndia Radio,Thiruvananthapuram.

Cost of each Book+ Demonstration CD is Rs.150 only(courier charge will be extra for out of Kerala )
attractive discount for bulk orders/music schools

Center for Indian music                       

For copies of three volumes (2,3,4)send an MO or cheque of Rs.450 , favour on "Chairman, Sangeethagurukulam Foundation " 
can be sent to Chairman, Sangeethagurukulam Foundation , 18, devi Nagar, Sriragam Road, Pappanamkod, Nemom.p.o., Thiruvananthapuram ,Keralam -695020
Or credit the amount in SB account  -57000924893,(IFS code- SBTR0000031) SBT, Karamana Branch. Courier charge will be free in Keralam.

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copies can be purchased from 
PRABHUS BOOKS,Ayurveda college junction, Old Sreekanteswaram Road,TRIVANDRUM 
0471 2478396, 0471 2473496

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