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NAADAvidyaaLAYAM Sangeetha satsangam, a Sangeethagurukulam initiative, has been conceived by Ajith Namboothiri ,a music enthusiast. It is a thematically presented  monthly musical event that takes place on the second Saturday of every month at Tanjavur Ammaveed,(Mitranikethan City Centre),Gate next to Arumana Hospital, West Fort,Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The programme consists of a music concert by a senior musician and guru, followed by a focused musical interaction between the musician and the audience of committed Indian classical music enthusiasts.
Participation is free .  Musicians,music interested families,music students,music lovers  like all music enthusiasts can be attended.
NAADAvidyaaLAYAM Sangeetha satsangam is a non-profit venture, and accepts  voluntary donations, sponsorships, and other material support in its goal of furthering the awareness, understanding and appreciation of India’s traditional musical forms.
The programme is divided into five sections:
  • Abhyaasanam (Learning)
  • Abhyaasam (practice – saadhana)
  • Anubhavam (the experience of listening)
  • Sahabhojanam (Light refreshment)
  • Anusandhaanam (follow-up discussions)
Sangeetha Satsangam covers the entire gamut of classical and light classical genres and forms such as Carnatic and Hindustani music, Dhrupad and Pallavi, Bhajan,Music for classical dance, Ghazal, and Sampradaaya bhajan.  .
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Sangeetha gurukulam is an initiative that has an online presence in the form of the Facebook group, NAADAvidyaaLAYAM, which keeps a continuous musical interaction going. The Naadavidyaalayam Facebook group has nearly 1,000 members and the musical on-ground activities surrounding it are strengthened by our mailing list of more than 10,000 music enthusiasts, each of whom gets an email invitation to all the Sangeetha gurukulam events.
Naadavidyaalayam is also active on YouTube, with a growing number of videos.
For details about advertising at our events and through our online communication channels, please get in touch with or

Ajith Namboothiri is first and foremost a music enthusiast. He is also a trained musician, event organizer and publisher. His television experience of more than 15 years includes the roles of anchor, scriptwriter, producer, and programme conceptualizer. His concepts and programmes on television include: Ragarathnam, the sensational, first-of-its-kind classical music reality show on Amritha TV; Sruthilayam, a concert format show on Indian classical music; and Laasyam, a Mohiniyattam-based dance reality show on Amrita TV.  Ajith Namboothiri’s initiatives in the realm of music include SangeethaGurukulam, and NAADAvidyaaLAYAM  Sangeetha Satsangam.


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NAADAvidyaaLAYAM members more than Thousand (1000) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all for being fond with this group !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Priya R Pai congrats ajith sir...its only bcz of some gr8 people like u..not only the artists bt also the music lovers wl also like 2 c the posts and wd like 2 comment on ths..many people may gain mch knowledge on music through naadavidyalayam so once again congrats ..go ahead..all the best 4 ur future 

Vimal Vinod Im proud to be a part of this amazing group......Thanks to Ajith ji,Sreeram sir and also to many other group members for posting Excellnt items and also for conductng healthy debates and discussions........i think through this constant effort,you could fill the ears of the group members with pure honey

Prithvi Mattur its all your effort sir:):) thank you

Reghu Nathan Nathan Creative and sound discussions on music by stalwarts of music that enlightens the knowledge of its other group has such deep and serious discussions on music...I am proud of being a humble member of this group ..Thank you Ajithji..
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sathya said...

Congratulations Shri Ajit Nambudhitiri on this latest initiative of spreading carnatic music..wish you all the very best in all your endeavours..

sathya said...

Congratulations Shri Ajit Nambudhitiri on this latest initiative of spreading carnatic music..wish you all the very best in all your endeavours.